A specially designed flexible pallet net that retains its properties up to the delivery destination.

Our proposed pallet net is a flexible, premium class net designed to be used to secure pallets while providing free air access to cargo content. This feature completely eliminates the possibility of condensation formation, thus simultaneously ensuring cargo protection during transport and its contents remain fresh.

Thanks to its outstanding ability to maintain its shape and maximum flexibility, this high-quality net will crush each corner, outline and gap between the palette items. This way, you will be able to ensure the security of the shipment throughout the journey from start to destination.

The net is specially designed to achieve perfect durability, elasticity and durability in one material to protect your valuable palette.

Designed to ensure the safety of cargo on the road

 - Flexible, breathable and powerful;

 - Thanks to its outstanding ability to maintain shape shape and maximum flexibility, the net keeps your palette intact, no matter how complex and dangerous it is to transport;

 - Regardless of whether you transport agricultural or industrial goods, the pallet net will give you assurance that your shipment will reach the destination intact.

Adjusts each corner and contour

 - The net is designed to remember (maintain) the original shape of the pallet - that means, with vibrations, oscillations or voltages, the net returns in the form in which the pallet was packed;

 - Adjusts each corner and holds the contents of the pallet in its original form;

 - Provides extra security dimension and durability - wrapping the top of the pallet, the net also covers the edges of the surface, thus providing additional stability from the top;

 - This premium class net has a noteworthy built-in "memory." This means the pallets can be removed, the net will continue to hold the remaining pallet contents unchanged.

Strength and ability to adapt

 - The robustness of the net provides a smooth compression to keep your palette upright and secure. The product is ideal for boxes, bags and mixed pallets;

 - Both standard (25% elongation) and high-tensile strength (minimum 70%) are available.

Great value for money

 - This product goes the way for your needs, at least 70% of the net extension allows you to get more meters for a constant amount of money;

 - High flexibility and built-in "memory" means that the wrapping of the palette requires only a small overlap of the net layers, so you can pack more pallets with a single roll;

 - The pallet net is 100% recyclable - it is made of linear low density polyethylene (LDPE).