Stretch film

  1. Hand Stretch - "stretch" As the name suggests, it is used for manual wrapping of goods. The most popular in this product group is the standard film with a guaranteed stretch of 120% to 150%. Plan 8-12 microns. film is best suited for packaging light, rounded products such as plastic bottles. 12-20 microns. The film is intended for fixing articles in cartons and other packaging. 20-40 microns. Density film is used to provide heavy materials such as bricks, pavement blocks or metal products.
  2. Machine film - "stretch" This film is suitable for protecting various items using automatic wrapping machines. The machine film has a significantly higher resistance to tearing than a hand-drawn film.
  3. Pre-stretched film with reinforced edges The stretch film with overlaps is technologically advanced due to the reinforced edges. This type of film is made of the highest quality raw materials and is an excellent alternative to pre-stretch films. The recommended thickness for this type of film is in the range of 8 - 15 μm (43cm x 600m x 8mikr.)