Mesh bags for Firewood

We offer durable mesh bags of various sizes and colours suitable for packing firewood.

 Bag size: Colour UV content
 50 x 50cm orange YES
 42 x 60cm orange YES
 45 x 60cm orange YES
 48 x 68cm orange YES
 50 x 70cm beige YES
 50 x 70cm orange YES

Raschel bags for vegetables

We offer durable raschel bags of various sizes suitable for packing vegetables.

Bag size:
35 x 50cm
50 x 50cm
45 x 60cm
48 x 68cm
52 x 70cm 

Big size firewood bags

Cost effective way to handle / store logs.

Ideal for storing logs during the summer months, providing maximum ventilation from all sides

  • 140cm x 225cm (suitable for EUR pallet)
  • 140cm x 225cm (suitable for FIN pallet)